YMCA England

YMCA England are our umbrella charity.  Check out their website for national YMCAs and see if there is anything going on in your area any time soon.

For a variety of needs - whether it be job searching through the job centre resource, advice on money or benefits and much, much more.


North Yorkshire County Council

For all those who need access to County wide services.


Richmondshire District Council

For all your local authority needs, whether it be housing benefit, enquiries about housing or presenting as homeless.  Check out their local offices for where your nearest drop in is.



We're also on Facebook, check us out



We have finally made an appearance on Twitter - follow our tweets here


Supporting People

Supporting People is a government programme that funds, monitors and develops housing support services to provide additional assistance and support to enable vulnerable people to live independently.


Big Fund

The BIG Fund is the non-Lottery funding operation of the Big Lottery Fund.

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