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What support can we offer?

Richmond YMCA is a provider of supported accommodation for young people.  Each person has their own needs and all the support that we offer varies depending on who we are working with.  Wendy is the Housing Support Worker here at the YMCA and she provides daily support to our residents.  Most of the time the support is on a one-to-one basis but at times group sessions are held with all the residents together.  Our Housing Manager Haydon is always on hand to help too.

Some of the areas that the support staff work on with young people are:

  • Employment – Helping people to improve their job searching skills, to develop people's interview skills or to work on creating a strong CV.
  • Money – Making sure people can budget their money, giving advice on managing debt or helping people to apply for the right benefits.
  • Mental Wellbeing – Looking at new ways to deal with stress, coping with personal anger and all other ways of improving people's mental wellbeing
  • Sexual Health – Providing information for young people about sexual health, sign posting to appropriate health workers, distributing condoms and Chlamydia testing available.
  • Training – Encouraging applications to further education, improving basic skills and accessing adult education.
  • Independent Living Skills – Helping young people to develop their skills in life such as cooking a meal, cleaning their home and having good personal hygiene on a daily basis.

If there are any problems that a young person is having, the support staff will do their very best to help.  If there is a problem that they can't help with they will always encourage and help any young person to access the right services to get the help they need.

Laura is the project's Personal Advice Worker.  She works with young people who live out in the community who need support with employment or training opportunities.  She also provides advice to young people on education, welfare benefits, housing and a whole range of other areas as necessary, such as the ones listed above.  She holds her sessions at the Richmond YMCA office, but can also easily come out and see young people in the community, perhaps at a local library or at your local youth club.

If you want any support or just want some advice, pop into the office or give us a call and a member of staff will be happy to talk to you.

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